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Polar IntelliTank Solutions

Polar IntelliTank Solutions
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Polar IntelliTank Solutions

Polar Tank IntelliTank Now Available

New Polar Tank Trailers have the ability to operated with the best technology as it relates to operations, security, safety, and tracking of equipment. Polar Tank with the help of one of its distributors Littlejohn is helping companies stay on top of their game and transport smarter with smart hauling solutions
Intellitank is a family or suite of tank trailer technologies that is now available.
FuelGuard for petroleum trailers is a safety bar locking system that uses geofencing technology to monitor the location of when fuels are loaded and unloaded. This eliminates theft and unauthorized unloading for the gas trailer.
Lightguard is a system provides great illumination to key ares of the tanker trailer such hose, valves and any connections. This helps the driver at the convenience stores unload after dark and increases visibility of the tanker when parked or being driven.
TempGuard is for transporting temperature-sensitive products. TempGuard gives fleet managers and drivers the convenience of tracking and monitoring load temperatures at all times. That means drivers no longer need to stop along their route to check and record the temperature inside the trailer—something that takes time and can present an added safety risk. Instead, TempGuard™puts the power and convenience of load temperature monitoring directly into the hands of those who need it most.
Littlejohn Tank is the leader in new and used tank trailers. Asphalt, chemical, fertilizer , petroleum, pneumatic, and sanitary are available from Littlejohn. Call one of our tank trailer specialist to help with your hauling needs. Since 1936 Littlejohn is your trusted partner. Part of the family of Littlejohn Companies is our tank trailer parts division. Buy parts and hose online with 6 fast ship warehouses for coast to coast service.
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