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Polar 940 Cube Cement Tank Trailer

Polar 940 Cube Cement Tank Trailer
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Polar 940 Cube Cement Tank Trailer

Product Bulletin: New Two Hopper 940 FT3 Cement Trailer Polar dry bulk trailers are industry leading, and we are pleased to introduce our latest innovative and optimized dry bulk trailer to the market. The low-profile design provides a 400-pound weight savings versus a comparable 3-hopper 1000 ft3 and is optimized for cement service. The single manhole configuration features a stainless-steel wear plate under the manhole. It can be adapted for sand service with a two-manhole configuration. Weld seams are minimized, and a clean bore interior minimizes product retention. The height is about the same as a 1000 for load rack compatibility. The shell shape is based on our proven swept barrel structural design. All fender brackets are bolt-on for serviceability. The hot air line is tucked under the frame rail to protect the operator. Standard configuration has humped axles, so the discharge line is kept straight to reduce wear. The end frames are a proven design with minimized welding to maintain the strength of the tempered Aluminum. 


  • Optimized for cement service, sand compatible also
  • 7900 lb. actual weight, can be optioned to 7399 lb.
  • Fewer valves to operate, maintain, and replace
  • Similar height as 1000 for load rack compatibility (11’ 11”)
  • 18 psi pressure rating
  • Bolt-in stainless steel hopper divider wear protector
  • Minimized weld seams
  • 400# weight savings vs 1000
  • Proven swept barrel structural design
  • Humped axles and straight discharge for reduced wear
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