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1040 Dry Bulk Spec

cement tank trailer
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1040 Dry Bulk Spec

Littlejohn Tank Stocks the new Polar 1040 cube aluminum dry bulk tank trailer. aluminum dry bulk trailer

The New Polar 1040 cube Littlejohn stock specifications.

-Aluminum barrel, 1040 cube

-3 Hopper design

-Light Weight

-Aluminum Frame

aluminum barrel tank trailer


-BTI 5" Black Max butterfly valves

-5x4 BTI Tee Siphon Flow

-Aluminum Piping

butterfly valves and aluminum piping on a polar dry bulk tank trailer


-3" aluminum line for aeration with 3" butterfly valves by BTI: Black Maxx

-2" aeration with ball valve for individual hopper aeration valving


aluminum line for aeration and aeration with ball valve


-Air ride suspension by Hendrickson

-1122.5 tires on 22.5 hub piloted aluminum wheels

-One 20' hose tube curbside

-Crank or two speed landing legs

-S-cam Brakes

air ride suspension and piloted aluminum wheels

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