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N-B1040 - New Polar Dry Bulk Tank Trailer

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Littlejohn stock cement trailer is a 1040 cubic feet with all aluminum construction. Lightweight cement trailer for bulk transportation of cement or other dry products. Aluminum end frames, top and bottom air complete with aeration system. Hendrickson air ride, hub pilot22.5 aluminum wheels on 1122.5 tires.
Year Make Polar
Capacity 1040 CU # of Compartments
Available In Stock Now Barrel Design Hoppers
Blow Down Yes Brakes S-CAM
Cabinet N/A Compartment Sizes 1040 CU
Hoppers 3 Hose Carrier Hose Tubes
Landing Gear Two Speed Crank Material Aluminum
No of Manways 3 Piping Aluminum
Pressure Rating 25 PSI Subframe Aluminum
Suspension Air Ride Tires 11R 22.5
Top Air No Wheels Alcoa Ultra One, 22.5 x 8.25 Aluminum

Dry Bulk Trailer

  • New Polar Dry Bulk Trailer
  • Discharge Tee: 5"x 4" B.T.I. Siphon Flow
  • Piping is 4" Aluminum
  • Aeration 3" aluminum aeration line controlled by 3" Black Maxx butterfly valve
  • Aeration: 2" lightweight aeration ball valve, for individual hopper aeration
  • Unloading valving is the 5"B.T.I. Black Max butterfly valves with composite fiber body
  • Hendrickson air ride suspension
  • Aluminum end frames
  • 1122.5 tires on aluminum hub pilot wheels
  • Dry bulk trailers are typically used for transporting dry, granular materials such as grains, sand, and cement. Some common features of dry bulk trailers include:
  • Material type: Dry bulk tankers are designed to handle specific materials such as grain, sand, cement, fertilizer, or other dry bulk commodities. The trailer construction and features are tailored to the specific material.
  • Air compression system: Dry bulk trailers typically have an air compression system for unloading the cargo. This system uses blower to push the cargo out of the trailer through a hose or pipeline.
  • Trailer construction: Dry bulk trailers are constructed with materials that are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion, such as aluminum or steel. The trailer design also includes a hopper bottom and a top cover.
  • Safety features: Polar trailers are equipped with safety features, such as anti-lock braking systems, warning lights, reflective tape, and backup alarms.
  • Loading and unloading systems: Dry bulk trailers have a variety of loading and unloading systems, including pneumatic or gravity-fed loading, bottom or top unloading.
  • Trailer axles and suspension: Dry bulk trailers are designed with multiple axles and suspension systems to distribute the weight of the cargo evenly and ensure smooth and safe transport.
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