Fun Facts About Tractor Trailers

Although people see tractor trailers on the road almost everyday they know little about them. Tractor trailers have a significant role to play in the transportation of goods across the United States; however, a lot of this movement happens during the hours when most people are sleeping. The United States economy relies on the tractor trailers, but few people know a lot about how they function. In the United States, there are approximately 5.6 million tractor trailers that are registered for use, which is roughly three times the number of tractors, which are commonly known as semi-trucks. The separation between the trailer and the truck portion gave rise to the name semi-truck. Typically, trailers are fifty-three feet long and use a significant amount of pressure from the truck’s engine-powered air pump to release free-standing breaks.

Different areas of the United States have higher densities of tractor trailers. In the United States, approximately one third of all semi-trucks are registered in California, Florida, and Texas. These three states play a significant role in the production of food and energy for the control. Although there are 5.6 registered tractor trailers there are only 3.2 million truck drivers. Most truck driving companies are small in size and about 90% of them have fewer than six trucks. Tractor trailers play a significant role in the economy of the United States as they are responsible for delivering 68% of all goods, which is about 60,000 pounds of stuff for each American every year. Generally, the two largest commodities that are moved by tractor trailers are agricultural and building materials. Altogether, tractor trailers complete a combined journey of 140 billion miles each year.

Tractor trailers travel many miles in order to provide residents across the country with goods. In one year, a single tractor-trailer will average 45,000 miles; however, the Federal Highway Administration believes that this is closer to 100,000 miles for long-distance trucks. Tractor trailers also play an important role in the number of commercial trucks in the United States. Large commercial trucks that are used to move goods make up 15% of all commercial trucks. Tractor trailers have an important role to play in order to make sure that people are able to have their daily needs met.

Tractor trailers allow people to access goods, while simultaneously needing resources in order to function. The automobiles rely on a huge amount of diesel fuel and research are attempting to find ways to make the system more fuel efficient. Drag that is caused by wind forces truck engines to put extra work in to carrying heavy loads across the country. Technology is currently looking at how to measure the speed at which the engine is most efficient in order to reduce the use of resources in transporting goods across the country.

Fortunately, tractor trailers allow businesses and individuals access to the goods they need to provide services for individuals. The United States economy relies on tractor trailers to help deliver food and agricultural needs across the country. Looking forward, tractor trailers will continue to play an important role while hopefully increasing their fuel efficiency.

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