Purchasing A Used Tanker Trailer

Purchasing a new tanker trailer may be overwhelming, given the number of options that are out there and the different price comparisons. At Littlejohn, we have been providing tank trailers since 1936 and we want our customers to make a purchase that is right for them. We have a sales and customer service line and a live chat to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we have included helpful tips below when looking to purchase a new tractor-trailer.

Don’t Be Afraid, Ask Questions

It’s important that you have all the information about the product that you are looking to purchase before making your decision. It may be helpful to write down a list of the features that you are looking for and speaking with somebody at Littlejohn about those specifications. If purchasing through Littlejohn or an independent dealer don’t be afraid to ask about the history of the used tractor-trailer, both with regards to mileage and what it carried before your purchase. Often times, used tractor-trailers are sold because an owner is upgrading to a new version, but it is still important to ask so that you know all the information available.

Check The Oil

You may want to ask if there is a record of both the engine and transmission oil changes to confirm that they have been done correctly without contamination. An oil check will give you more insight into the maintenance of the engine and the longevity of the tractor-trailer after your purchase.

Surface and Structural Condition

Although Littlejohn makes sure that we offer high-quality used tractor-trailers, it’s important to always pay attention to surface rust, which can often be remedied by replaying the affect part. Structural damage or rust, on the frame and other parts, can mean a larger investment and shorter life on the truck.

Service Records

Ongoing upkeep of a tractor-trailer helps to prolong the life and keep it at high-performance. Ask for the truck’s service records and verify the truck’s VIN number to ensure that the paperwork is legitimate.

Availability of Replacement Parts

It is important to make sure before purchasing a used tractor-trailer that the parts for the truck are still available from a manufacturer. You can check online at Littlejohn where we often the replacement parts for the trucks that we sell. If you want to be sure that you will never go without replacement parts, make sure there are at least two supplies for replacement parts so that you can make sure your truck is always in its best health.

Financing and Insurance

Make sure you have the finances to cover the cost of the truck, or the dealer or individual offers a payment plan. Littlejohn offers free quotes online for anybody looking to purchase a tractor-trailer. Also, make sure that you can cover the cost of insurance and are signing on to a competitive insurance plan.

Purchase From a Dealer

Buying a used tractor trailer from a dealer, like Littlejohn, often helps people find high-quality trucks at the most competitive price. Dealers can give more thorough information about the condition of the truck and support you in making the right financial decision to realize your business dreams.

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