Polar Pneumatic Trailers for Sale

Top of the Line Polar Trailers for Sale

Current list of sand and cement pneumatic trailers available. We sell the Polar pneumatic trailer. 1000 cubic ft tankers in stock  plus we can custom order you a large cube trailer. Tuthill blowers available for the new dry bulk trailer.

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1000 cubic ft Pneumatic Trailers for cement and sand service. We also stock the larger (1500 to 1600 cubic ft) tank trailers for lime, fly ashe, plastic pellets and other dry material. Polar make the best dry bulk tanker in the industry.

New Dry Bulk Trailers For Sale

Littlejohn offers Polar Pneumatic trailers with top-of-line durability and the latest technology to keep your dry contents fresh, while keeping air out. Our trailers are designed for safety, including raised handrails on either side of the tank, and engineered for easy operation and maintenance. The round sloping of interior surfaces ensure that unloading will be quick and smooth, with a CleanBore design that makes internal cleaning simple and efficient.

We consistently keep 1,000 cubic ft. tankers in stock for transporting cement and sand, as well as 1,500-1,600 cubic ft. trailers for lime, fly ash, plastic pellets and other dry material. Whatever your project demands, our experts can work with you to custom order a cube trailer that best suits your needs. We only outfit our fleet with the most user-friendly, innovative and aerodynamic trailers available. Constructed from aluminum, our dry bulk trailers are as lightweight as possible to ensure that you can provide more for your customers.

Littlejohn also offers Tuthill blowers for our new dry bulk trailers. Tuthill is a leader in the vacuum and blower industry, with every blower being manufactured under strict ISO 9001 qualitystandards.